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5 best universities in Canada that you can't miss as an international student

Sarah Smith
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After residing in Canada for a while and also enjoying its pleasurable way of living, recognizing its landscapes and numerous entertainment alternatives, it's normal for you to be in love with this destination and wish to expand your remain a little bit extra. You may be questioning, if it is feasible to proceed studying in Canada as a global student to proceed your experience…

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I would love to study in Canada, but right now my MBA is about to be completed here in the UK and for that, I am thinking to choose retail dissertation topics, as it is not much common but quite related to marketing, which my MBA is all about. Pray for me to successfully achieve every educational goal I have set. 

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Oliver de la Rosa
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@elizabethjohn6654 Hi Elizabeth! Welcome to our forum. I wish that your goals become successful. 🙂