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The Awakening Essay Topics

Understanding to write on the Awakening Essay Topics

The book starts in the Grand Isle, a holiday resort famous among the rich people of the New Orleans in around late 1800s. The protagonist of the novel Edna was on a vacation with her husband and their two kids. The relationship between Edna and her Husband gets a little disturbed due to his frequent business trips to different places. During this time, she starts spending more and more time with her friend Adele. Adele believed in emancipation of women and was a great admirer of womanly charm and elegance. According to the experts from homework help website this results in her previously suppressed desires and emotions, to come out. And this process leads to the “awakening” and discovery into her, which is the primary focus of the book.

When thinking about writing about any topic, it is extremely important to know what it is about. I’ve come across many writings that deal with The Awakening Essay Topics. But most have been pretty average. The reason behind could be that the people who were writing on The Awakening Essay Topics were probably unaware about the gist of the book, or they may have not properly understood the plot, to the extent which is required to write an essay about.

Useful Tips for Students: 100 Historical Context Chart.docx

To write on The Awakening Essay Topic, it will be necessary that you go through the entire book at least once. This will help you absorb the gist of the novel and put you in a better situation to come up with topics and expedite and write about them in your essay.


A few of The Awakening Essay Topics are given below

  • The symbolic significance

To write about this topic you can take the help of the lady that appeared in black and the two lovers. And you can also tell that they often together and at the same point in the book. What is their significance? What is the author really trying to communicate?

You can also write about Edna’s first swim.

  • How does the writer use garments and clothes to portray Edna’s rebellious behavior toward the
    Victorian norms!

This too is a very interesting topic to write on. But like other complex topics, this too requires a very good understanding of the essence and deciphering of symbols. If you’ve read the book at least a few times and you feel that you can do justice to this topic, then only it’s advisable to pick this one.

Wring on any topic is not a very big deal. What’s really required is the ability to grasp the essence and to be able to identify and understand what the writer actually means by using certain symbols and themes in the text. This ability is required not only for The Awakening Essay Topic. It’s required and needed for whatever we write about.

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